Full Program Download
BM-Win Plus (tm)

for Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Windows7, 8, and 10

CASS Certified by the Post Office!

PAVE Certified *Gold by the
Post Office!

Certified for Windows
by Microsoft

The Complete yet Inexpensive Bulk Mail Presort Software.
Installation file for Version 16
BM-Win Plus

Version 16
(FREE for 30 days)
(Fully Functional)

Also needed as "Interface" for ZipClean Plus.

Complete BM-Win Plus Program except Add-In Modules below.

Also includes the ZipClean Plus "interface" (programs, screens, menus, etc.) but not the Post Office's National Address Database which comes on DVD when ZipClean Plus is ordered..

Update Files for Versions 15 or 16
Download Update Files
To update currently installed BMW versions 15 or 16 to the latest revision.
If you do not already have version 15 or higher you need to first download and install an Evaluation Copy above.
Download Add-In Modules
(For Versions 15 or 16)
Extra features:
Report Wizard.
Table Wizard.
Free Post Office Publications
Download Postal publications on-line, except for the Quick service Guide Some of these files are large so you may want to contact the Postal Business Center nearest you to have hard copies sent to you.
Quick Service Guide (by chapter) The Quick Service Guide is a very helpful publication. It is available in hard copy from your local Postal Business Center

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